Video, time-lapse and anything else that passes through the lens.

Cancun 2015 Secrets Playa Mujeres Music: Möwe - Pump Up The Jam Gramatik - Street Bangerz

9 seconds of Phil Collins and a sunrise

Max Stallion band. Such a great band. Introducing the towel guitar solo..

Captain call out: Justin M and Cody H. Thanks guys! No one was killed in the making of this.

Port Aransas, TX. Sharks and dancing, need I say more?!

Spent the weekend on Greeson, here are the results.

Time-lapse while shooting skeet.

5 minutes into getting on the beach, I wanted to film a wave going over my head @ 120FPS then convert it down to 24FPS. Completely forgetting I had my recently purchased sunglasses on, I went out there only to make a donation to the Caribbean. I didn't realize I got it on film until going through footage.

Sunrise time-lapse in Cancun, May 2014. Picture taken every 5 seconds.